How To: Make a raspberry-flavored vodka infusion

Make a raspberry-flavored vodka infusion

Not many people can drink vodka straight, and that's were fruit infusions come in, and one of the best infusions for vodka is the raspberry. Raspberries create a great-flavored vodka, which can be used for a variety of mixed drinks.

This vodka infusion has the fresh juiciness of raspberries without the artificial, chemical-like taste of flavored vodkas. Kevin Martin of Eastern Standard shows how simple liquor infusions can be. How does this infusion yield such a vibrant raspberry-red hue? Freeze the berries for a few hours. The ice crystals that form will cause the cell walls to burst and yield a bold color. Cover and leave the mixture and room temperature for 3 weeks. Then strain and use in your favorite vodka-based cocktails.


Makes 1 liter

* 1¼ lbs fresh raspberries
* 1 liter vodka

Special Equipment

* container for infusing
* fine mesh strainer
* 1 liter-sized glass bottle


1. Freeze fresh raspberries for 2-3 hours
2. Remove from freezer, place in a container and pour vodka over the berries, making sure that the fruit is completely submerged
3. Cover and store at room temperature for 2-3 weeks. There is no need to refrigerate the mixture
4. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a bottle; ready to use in your favorite cocktails such as Kevin Martin's Raspberry Summer Crush!

Make a raspberry-flavored vodka infusion

Make a raspberry-flavored vodka infusion Click through to watch this video on

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